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Ask a pro. What’s the difference between the top 20 percent and the bottom 80 percent.

We can always get into what the top 1% are doing, but right now let’s focus on what the top 20% are doing. Let’s talk about success!Successful difference

Let’s go over a list of question’s you should have for the top 20 percent, and what they are doing different and we will give you a few examples to go by:

  • What move’s a business? What is the thing that makes a business go forward, and become a successful unit?
  • What kind of people to you higher for your business?
  • What is sales really about? How can I understand Sales?
  • Where is a good starting point if i’m looking to become a top 20 percent business?
  • What are some thoughts that make you different, and what is a thing or what thing helped you most?

First and foremost 80% of small businesses fail because of one thing. All the failures of small businesses can be narrowed down to one thing if you really take an outside perspective. Ask the guy who failed and he’ll have a million reasons or no idea. Really the one thing in common with the failure to product is 80 percent of small businesses have no sales or marketing plan. Zero. Notice I didn’t say business plan. Who cares about the business plan really if there’s no market. There has to be a marketing plan first. Most not all, but most of these small company’s have a lot of pro’s working for them. They might be better, stronger and faster than the next small company owner, yet there’s a sinking ship. Why is that? If you have no bandwidth (people) to take your services to it doesn’t matter how good you are. You don’t like sales though. Honestly your not going to get to the top 20 without selling. What’s wrong with helping people get into a great deal? Just because your a”sales” guy you don’t have to cheat the customer. Help them. They need a pro to show them what they need and how to get it. You don’t think a doctor, dentist, or a plumber needs to know how to sell because they are pro’s? A successful plumber would tell you that the only way to get more leads is to talk to his clients and find out what others are struggling with. What is that called?

Next thing was what moves a small business? let’s look at a Bismarck car detailing shop. There are lot’s of detailing shops in the capital of North Dakota. What makes these guys better than the rest what move’s there business? DRIVE. To move a car you have to drive it. It’s no difference with businesses if you have no drive you get stuck. Drive your business get behind it and push it to success.

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Don’t be lazy

Talk about how successful people are successful and why. I just wanted to go over a quick few details that were standing out and successful people vs not so successful. The first thing that I wanted to point it out is successful people are driven people. This doesn’t mean they’re necessarily driven by Nature or naturally, but they have found a way to drive themselves. Success doesn’t start unless you’re willing to do the things that other people are not willing to do. I would like to give you an example. I have a phone number that is not from my area code this one that I had from childhood and I like to keep it so if anybody would like to get in contact with me from my past they will still have my number. I don’t want to change it I know maybe I’m just a little lazy that way but I think it’s cool to keep the same number. One problem I have though is when I call someone in my area they don’t answer they think it’s a telemarketer. So what do I do. If I was lazy I would just hang out and forget it you never answer me. but because I’m more of an entrepreneur and my mind is been wired to get things done I just simply hang up and call back. Guess what?  The end up answering the second time. I’ve been doing this for years I’ve been shut down and just simply pick up the phone and again and again and again.


Eventually I’m able to get through and sometimes I get a what!? And then I simply just say hey it’s me what’s going on man can I call man I thought you were a telemarketer but now this is just a number I have from my childhood I still live in that area. So it just goes to show that if you are lazy and not persistent you’ll never get what you want. Yes maybe every once in a while somebody will just pick up the phone and want what you have, but chances are they won’t. so I’ve taken what I’ve learned from this small thing in my life, and used it in my business models I just called back if they don’t want it and again and again and again. Guess what I stop calling when they stop breathing that’s right if the customer that I’m trying to get ahold of end up dying on me that’s when I stop calling him.
Go to just get things straight the difference between very successful people do and not so successful people do it’s just persistence. One of the things that can seriously help you on your journey to becoming a successful person is have high energy level. You need to put out a lot of high energy.  If you’re a high-energy person people can feed off that and they will be able to in a sense resume with you when you’re at a high energy level. If you come forward to somebody with a low down slow attitude people can’t really help you don’t really want what you have because obviously it’s not making you happy. I hope this all makes sense I just wanted to share a little bit about what makes me different than other people and what has made me successful. See people around me everyday. I see people just being lazy. If you want to be successful just be different don’t be like that


If you don’t like where your sitting move your seat.

Who has seen this guy?

The best seller

If your different. If your not average your OK. If you don’t know this guy you should look into Grant.

So if you don’t like your seat move it. If your not in the position that you wanted to be in change it. Don’t stand in the crap take a side step you don’t have to be where you don’t want to be. 75% of people in the richest country on the planet live paycheck to paycheck. Yes america is the richest country on the planet right now and most of the population in the country live week by week. The funny thing about this is that’s like being in a tie. Have you ever herd of businesses that tie. Do you go to your CPA, and ask him; Hey how are we doing this month. Well sir he says; looks like were in a tie. NO that never happens in business your earthier making money or loosing money.

Change your position.

Now that you know there is way more than enough money out there, maybe you just need to change your position. Change your target. Aim at something else if what your doing is not working then it’s time to do something different wouldn’t you say? I would think so. If you know it’s there you just don’t have it you know there must be a way to get it. Get that paper! How are you going to change your position. Sitting will do nothing you have to move. Out work your competition make them a sad case be the boss.

Take a Risk go Fast. 

How fast can you go. Speed is the new big. How long does it take you to convince a seller to buy a new product. How long does it take you to close a deal. How hard will you work to close a deal. Don’t ever back off of people . The only way you you quit is if they die. Don’t quit….ever. You quit your not viable anymore. Don’t take advise from quitters.


  • Try to avoid the mistakes. If your not on a mission you need to quit. Don’t do solo. You might as well quit.
  • If you don’t go fast if you don’t go big your dead.
  • Spend big to make big. Your have to spend to make).
  • No the difference between and objection and a complaint
  • Don’t be small.
  • Don’t be afraid to make a mistake if you don’t know if it works

You need to be in business where you can be who you want to be. This is the land free do what you want when you want. First think you have to learn how to do is sell. Have to Have to sell sell sell. You can’t stop selling. If your broke sell,or rich you have to sell.



Me vs. The World

Tattoo dude say’s: sup fella’s and lady’s?

Fighting the current.

So in the ocean we know that there are currents right? Yeah so you can either fight them or simple just let them take you where you will. The problem with the latter is you don’t know where you will end up. Hey you might end up in a great place on some beach, but most likely you’ll end up… well dead. So to stay where you want, or go where you want you have to fight the current’s. In life you can either go with the flow “currents” or you can fight it and go against the flow. Yeah it’s harder, but the simple fact is if you want anything you have to work for it.

What about him?

There will always be that guy/gal that seems like they don’t have to work for anything, or it seems like something just landed in there lap. That’s a shot in the dark. That to me is like going with the flow and hoping you survive landing on a beautiful beach somewhere. There’s a couple things wrong with this picture. First you might not land on any beach. Remember we’re speaking metaphorically here. Secondly you don’t know which beach you’ll end up on. Doesn’t sound great to me.


I would rather fight the current and land on the beach I aim for. So in my life I have decided maybe it seems harder the go for something, but if you don’t your probably going for nothing. I would suggest you fight it. go against the flow be that thing that you thought you couldn’t be. Worst case your better of that you started. Metaphorically your still alive. As weird as this rant is getting I hope i’m getting my point across. You really can’t afford not to fight the main stream. If you want to get anywhere remember if it’s to easy that you going the wrong way. If it’s a fight your probably going the right way. You thought it would be easy to make it big, Sad to say, but nope.


Real in world my world.

A day in a life.

  1. I wake up early… probably too early. It’s not a habit, it is a necessity for my. If I miss work I get a little more flack than the next guy. Check out my last post to know more about that. I really would like to say I get up way before I need to leave, and do all this impressive stuff, but…. I don’t sorry. I’m like the next guy flying out the door like he just saw a ghost. HA! Yeah no coffee, well not till I hit the office. That’s where they make the good stuff right. NO. Ugh I hate it’s I really wish I would make my own in the morning. Septic sewage coffee get’s really old and it’s just like drinking a blended up turd. Sorry =-O
  2. Once the day is rolling along, and the boss man gets tired of riding me. I usually really start to get the better part of my work done. Oh so you though I was lazy, and was going to tell you about how I sit around do nothing waiting for the bell to signal the end of the day. No! THAT’S NOT ME I really actually find it much easier to just do work than to try to get outta it. You ever notice that you can end up spending way more energy on trying to get out of the work than just doing it. I really hate it when people do that. For one it raises my work load, and two it’s so annoying. Not saying I don’t have my day’s where I don’t do jack squat. Everyone does. Just not everyday.
  3.  I find lunch to be a bit of a hassle. I will go but really I don’t like it because of the staring, and the fact that once you get rolling on something it’s so hard to get going again after lunch. Oh and you need to have “buddy’s” to eat out too. Personally I hate mixing friendships with work. So I don’t do work friends. Never have.
  4. This is where it can get interesting for me. The last part of the day is always rough. I get testy. If you know me, and you are in my office area you would know ask all your questions before lunch. After you might get a knuckle sandwich with a side of a diaper rash. Yeah I like to take my anger out on my fellow man after one and it always seems as though five o’clock can never get there soon enough.
  5. The old buzzer, dingier, bell whatever you wanna call the signal to the close of the work day. Sigh what a relief. Love it. Now I can get on with my life. This is where “it” happens. What is “it” well that would be my life. Up until the 5 o’clock hour I don’t live I just fast forward looking forward to this. Yep this writing is my passion this is what I do. I really hope one day I can make a living off of it. That would be a dream come true
  6. DO it all again. REMEMBER the great wall of china wasn’t built in a day. Nor was my blog!! As always thanks for reading.
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You Might Think I’m A Dink…. Get To Know People.

At a glance.

Yeah, yeah….. I know all about first impressions. I’m the crazy guy with the tattoos on his face. When I was younger I thought I wanted to stand out in a crowd, and long story short I took some drastic measures. Right now looking back I don’t really regret it. I did for awhile, but lessons that iv’e learned from being “that” guy have really helped my see the world in a new light.

face tatDon’t be this Guy!! Ugh..

On a serious note if I may, after that picture I know you’ll never be able have unseen. Having a face tat kinda helped me realize you can be treated differently just simple based off of looks. Yeah this ticked me off for awhile I used to get pissed, yeah I was a fighter. Anytime anyplace. What a waist.

Look at my Face.

One day I was getting a stare down as per usual. I was about to get into it with this guy, then he say’s; have you ever looked at your face? I mean come on what did you think would happen with a tat on your face? Did you really think that no one would notice I mean if you didn’t want people to see it you should have put it in your butt crack?HUM you ever had one of those ah ha moments. This was my ah ha moment.I went home after our little talk and stared at myself in the mirror.

The man in the mirror.

 What I found starring back at me was a scary face. I didn’t like it. Truthfully that was a hard thing to realize. I knew from that moment on that I got what I asked for with ever stare and I was going to have to prov myself for who I really was inside from that moment on.

Proving Myself

Don’t underestimate yourself. I went out the next few weeks and tried and tried to get people to see the inner man. It was so hard!! After almost giving in I meet someone special. His name was Bob. Bob took a liking to me right away. No questions asked. We hit it off like old friends. Such a relief it was to have met Bob.  I could always trust Bob not once did I feel he looked at me in a way that felt outwardly he seemed like an inner man, man…… ha one think I might have left out is Bob was blind. he he.

Ha ha real funny right.

Here’s the thing though. Bob though me that there is humility in the world. If it hadn’t been for him I would still be that simple dude that just got his nickers in a knot and fought everyone that offended me, because of me. I realize what I did was my fault now. This is kinda the story of how I am who I am now so know you can understand where I came from and now know why I spend my time blogging. You’re all dead to my outer man you can only see what I expose here. I just thought it would only be fair if you knew, yet still gave me a chance. Contact me here.

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So going with the green theme!

Kinda like this Green theme really cool!! I was hoping that I could come here and express to all my viewers some of the cool ideas that I have, and really fell moved to share. I know, I know sharing is not normal these days. I really get a lot of satisfaction from helping others. Crazy right. I know you might think that’s weird, odd, or different, but that’s really and truly how I get my kicks….helping others. Don’t be afraid to stick around and find out that in fact there is some humanity left in this world.

I make it sound like I’m the only one that likes to help other’s.. nope there are actually lot’s of people out there that help others. I can and will help you find those people. So now you know I really am not the only one that likes to help other’s. Ha! Anyways watch out for updates to come you won’t be let down I almost promise,….but I won’t because of the nature of thing’s “can’t win em’ all” right!